Chambok Home Stay

Chambok Homestay: Now we’re offer 42 accommodations(Homestay) for tourist who want to visit in Cambodia for vocation or other and want to stay with your small budget that offer you alot of comfortable.

so please come and visit in Chambok homestay and you no need to worry about where you are, you just let us know where you are we’ll arrange transportation to pick you up there.

Right now we’re ready work and pick up such as:

  • Phnm Penh to Chambok
  • Chambok to Kep
  • Chambok to Sihanouk city….etc

Chambok the tourism will be enjoy with home stay, camping at the top of the mpountain, ox-cart riding, Khmer performance, make handicraft, coocking class, visit waterfall, riding bikecycle…etc.


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