Itinerary D – 6 days/ 5 nights

3 cowsArriving around noon in Chambok, you’ll be taken to your homestay and meet the family who live there. We’ll then head to the information center and explain the history of the Chambok villages, and offer some insight into how the locals live today.

After lunch, you and your guide will go for a cycle ride around the Chambok villages, meeting some of the locals along the way and getting a feel for rural village life. Next we’ll travel by tractor to the nearby area of Anlong Rorth where you’ll walk through a forest up to a lookout point where you’ll have a great view over the villages. On our walk back down, you’ll have a chance to go swimming in the river.

guy swimming

Early evening, we’ll then return to the Information Center to see some of the local children perform traditional Khmer dancing. You’ll then have dinner before returning to your homestay where you can chat with the homestay family before bedtime.

After breakfast, you’ll set off with your guide on a 3-day, 2-night hiking and camping trip. We’ll hike up through the forest to the top of a waterfall where there is a great view from the edge of the mountain over the villages, forest and rice fields. A bit further on, we’ll go swimming by a waterfall and eat a picnic lunch.

After a picnic lunch, we will continue our walk to where we will set-up camp for the night. You’ll have dinner and spend the night at the camp.

After breakfast, we’ll hike up Khon Klang Mountain to a viewpoint. We’ll then trek down to the site of our second camp and have lunch. The whole hike is 15km. We’ll set up the camp and you’ll participate in the cooking of dinner and learn some traditional recipes, before going to sleep.

In the morning we’ll have breakfast and then bicycle to Phdachivet Mountain, a 7km ride, from where you’ll see a view of the Cardamom Mountains. We’ll then cycle to the Old Residence where the king used to stay, and eat lunch there. Then we’ll cycle 30km down the mountain back to Chambok. After dinner at the Women’s Restaurant, you’ll go to your homestay to sleep.

walking forestAfter breakfast, we’ll travel by ox-cart for 1.5km before continuing on foot, climbing up through the forest. On this 3-hour hike, a local guide will take you to three waterfalls and a bat cave and explain more about the local plants and wildlife. At the end of the hike, the ox-cart will take you back to the Information Center for a well-earned lunch.

After lunch, you’ll have some time to yourself for an hour. In the afternoon, some local women will teach you to make traditional handicrafts, such as bracelets and necklaces, using natural materials from the forest.

After dinner, we will celebrate your last evening with a small party for you where the locals will show you how to do a Khmer dance. You’ll also learn how to make bamboo sticky rice where rice is cooked inside pieces of bamboo on an open wood fire. You’ll then return to your homestay to sleep.

In the morning, you’ll say goodbye to your homestay family and go the Women’s Restaurant for breakfast.

After breakfast, you can help plant trees in Chambok before saying goodbye to the community. We’ll then travel 20km to the market of Treng Troyueng where you can have a look around their bustling rural market. We’ll visit an orphanage based in Treng Troyueng and meet the children. You’ll then depart from Treng Troyueng.

If you interest so please contact us via:

Mr. Morn ( Chambok Community Leader )


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Mr. Samm (assist of Chambok community )


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