Contact us


Calling is the best way to reach us, but you can also e-mail if you don’t mind waiting a day or two for a reply:

Khmer speaking:

  • Mr. Touch Morn | Community Leader | mobile: +855 (0) 12 938 920
    +855 (0) 97 971 700 7 | E-Mail:

English speaking:


Transportation ( mini van ):

– From Phnom Penh – Chambok

– From  Chambok – Phnom Penh

– Motor cycle from Traeng Troyoeung – Chambok

-From  Chambok – Traeng Troyoeung



  • In Chambok Community we offer two option for visitor:
  1. package tour: all activities arrange by chambok commnity, the vistor can not change this activities by them self. and for about the prices of package tour it’s depend on the many of person and day that you staying.
  2. unpackage tour: all activities the visitor can be change all that time, and for about the prices we’ll be use unit cost, so all unit cost setup by Chambok Community the visitor can not change.
  3. if you want to request of itinerary for your visit 2D/1N, 3D/2N & 4D/3N,  please make call or e-mail to us with feel free.

5 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. we were a group of 5 italian friends. our stay was incredible. we loved people in the village, they stay with us as friends. we eat delicious thing. the waterfall are amazing and also visiting the village, metting the people and stay with them. the kids in the village has the most beautifull smile ever seen. thank you for all!

  2. We are a family of five – two adults and children aged 15, 12 and 7. We are interested in a one or two night stay around 24 August. We would come from sihanoukville by bus and ask if someone can meet us at the junction. What sort of price package can we do for one night or two? We would like to walk to waterfalls and caves and maybe a cart ride.
    Two are vegetarian – could food be provided to cater for him?
    How much would one way van to Phnom Penh be?
    Thank you.

  3. I stayed in Chambok earlier this year and I just wanted to say that I had a fantastic time there! The people in the community were very friendly and welcoming, it is amazing what people like Mr Cham and the others do in the community! The traditional dancing, the food and the hike up to the waterfall was just amazing and spending the night at the home stay was a very unique experience! I would recommend 100%!

  4. Hello
    I’m interested in doing a trip with you with 1 or. 2 nights in a homestay (the package you’re offering). I’m traveling alone.
    I would like to know how much the price is!
    Thanks for answering me.
    Greetings Rebecca

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