Calling is the best way to reach us, but you can also e-mail if you don’t mind waiting a day or two for a reply:

Khmer speaking:

  • Mr. Touch Morn | Community Leader | mobile: +855 (0) 12 938 920
    +855 (0) 97 971 700 7 | E-Mail:

English speaking:


Transportation ( mini van ):

– From Phnom Penh – Chambok

– From  Chambok – Phnom Penh

– Motor cycle from Traeng Troyoeung – Chambok

-From  Chambok – Traeng Troyoeung



  • In Chambok Community we offer two option for visitor:
  1. package tour: all activities arrange by chambok commnity, the vistor can not change this activities by them self. and for about the prices of package tour it’s depend on the many of person and day that you staying.
  2. unpackage tour: all activities the visitor can be change all that time, and for about the prices we’ll be use unit cost, so all unit cost setup by Chambok Community the visitor can not change.
  3. if you want to request of itinerary for your visit 2D/1N, 3D/2N & 4D/3N,  please make call or e-mail to us with feel free.