Transportation ( mini van ):

– From Phnom Penh – Chambok  ( one way ) cost $ 80                                                         – From Phnom Penh – Chambok – Phnom Penh ( two way ) cost $ 100                        – From Phnom Penh – Chambok – Phnom Penh ( two way ) but you leave in the same day cost $ 140. for about the prices of accommodation will be change every ending of year.

In Chambok Community we offer two option for visitor:

  1. package tour: all activities arrange by chambok commnity, the vistor can not change this activities by them self. and for about the prices of package tour it’s depend on the many of person and day that you staying.
  2. unpackage tour: all activities the visitor can be change all that time, and for about the prices we’ll be use unit cost, so all unit cost setup by Chambok Community the visitor can not change.


A new website for a great community

Hi there & welcome to the new Chambok website! I made this, along with the help of Thorn and Thy and Samm and lots of the people from the village who have taken great photos over the years Chambok has been running it’s ecotourism site.

Here's me making the Chambok website in my hotel room in Phnom Penh!

I visited Chambok with my partner, who read about it via the NGO Mlup Baitong. He wanted to make a film to promote eco-tourism, an interesting new form of tourism that promotes environmental conservation. Mlup Baitong recommended Chambok to us and we also read about it in the Lonely Planet.

After visiting a few days, experiencing such warm hospitality and friendly welcome from everyone living in the village, I wanted to help spread the word.

I work in marketing, but I am not a website designer. However, I realised right away that what they needed as the most important marketing tool of all – to be searchable on the WEB! So please forgive my lack of design talent, and take a look at the pictures and experiences shown here, and focus on those.

Of course, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Chambok – at least for 2-3 days. Of my month long visit in Cambodia, this was the most real, joyous, peaceful and memorable place we visited. Welcome to Chambok!!